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Safe Mercedes-Benz purchase with the VIN report

2500 2500 144 wb 2500 170 wb high roof 2500 170 wb high roof cargo 2500 170 wb high roof extended cargo 2500 high roof 26l 300-series 30l 350 cabriolet 3500 3500 170 wb high roof cargo drw 35l 4 3l 46l 550 cabriolet a-class amg c 43 amg c 63 amg c43 amg c63 amg c63 s amg cla 45 amg cls 53 amg e 43 amg e 53 amg e 63 amg e63 s-model 4matic amg g amg g 63 amg gl63 4matic amg gla 45 amg glc 43 amg glc 63 amg gle 43 amg gle 63 amg gle43 amg gle63 4matic amg gls 63 amg gt amg gt 53 amg gt 63 amg gt s amg s 63 amg slc 43 b b 250e b electric b-class b-class electric drive b200 base c c 230 c 230k spo c 240 c 240 4mat c 250 c 280 c 280 4mat c 300 c 300 4mat c 300 4matic c 320 c 350 c 350e c 400 c 43 amg c 450 c 63 amg c class c generati c generation 2006 c-class c230 c230 gen 2006 c230 kompressor sport c230 sport c230k c240 c240 4matic c240 m awd c240 spt w c250 c250 luxury c250 sport c250 sport sedan c250c c280 c280 4m aw c280 4m awd c280 4mati c280 4matic c280 gen 2006 c280 luxury c300 c300 4 mat c300 4matic c300 4matic luxury c300 4matic sport c300 luxury c300 sport c300w4 c32 amg ko c320 c320 4matic c320 sport c3204m awd c320w c350 c350 sport c400 4matic c43 amg c450 c450 4mati c450 amg c450 amg 4matic c55 amg c63 amg c63amg cargo cl cl-class cl500 cl55 amg cl550 cl550 4matic cl55amg cl600 cl63 amg cl63amg cla cla 250 cla 250 4m cla 45 amg cla-class cla250 cla250 4matic cla45 amg clk clk 320 clk 320c clk 350 clk 430 clk 500 clk 550 clk-class clk320 clk350 clk430 clk500 clk55 amg clk550 clk55amg clk63 amg cls cls 400 cls 450 cls 500 cls 500c cls 550 cls 55amg cls 63 amg cls class cls-class cls400 cls400 4matic cls500 cls500c cls55 amg cls550 cls550 4matic cls55amg cls63 amg cls63amg e e 300 e 300 4mat e 300 4matic e 320 e 320 4mat e 320 cdi e 350 e 350 4mat e 400 e 43 amg e 430 e 450 e 450 4matic e 500 e 500 4mat e 550 e 63 amg e class e-class e250 e250 bluetec e300 e300 4matic e320 e320 4mati e320 4matic e320 bluetec e320 cdi e320cdi e350 e350 4matic e350 bluetec e350 luxury e350 sport e350 wagon e3504m awd e3504m wag e350w4 e400 e400 4matic e43 amg e430 e500 e500 4mati e500 4matic e55 e55 amg e550 e550 4mati e550 4matic e63 amg e63amg g g 550 g 63 amg g-class g500 g550 g550 4matic g63 amg gl gl 350 gl 450 gl 450 4ma gl 550 gl 550 4ma gl class gl-class gl320 gl320 cdi gl350 gl350 4matic gl350 blue gl350 bluetec 4matic gl450 gl450 4 ma gl450 4 mat gl450 4 matic gl450 4matic gl550 gl550 4 ma gl550 4matic gl63 amg gla gla 250 gla 250 4m gla 45 amg gla-class gla250 gla250 4ma gla250 4matic gla45 amg gla45 amg 4matic glc glc 300 glc 300 4m glc 350e glc 43 amg glc-class glc300 glc300 4matic glc43 amg gle gle 350 gle 350 4m gle 400 gle 43 amg gle 450 gle 450 4m gle 550e gle 63 amg gle coupe gle-class gle300d 4matic gle350 gle350 4matic gle400 4matic gle43 amg gle450 gle450 amg gle450 amg 4matic gle550e gle63 amg glk glk 250 glk 350 glk 350 4m glk class glk-class glk250 glk250 4matic glk250 blu glk250 bluetec 4matic glk350 glk350 4ma glk350 4matic gls gls 450 gls 450 4m gls 550 gls 63 amg gls-class gls450 gls450 4matic gls550 gls550 4matic gls63 amg m-class metris metris cargo metris passenger van metris-class ml ml 250 ml 320 ml 350 ml 350 4ma ml 350 blu ml 400 ml 430 ml 500 ml class ml320 ml320 4matic ml320 blue ml350 ml350 4matic ml350 blue ml350 bluetec ml400 ml400 4matic ml430 ml430 4matic ml500 ml500 4matic ml55 ml550 ml550 4matic ml63 amg normal roof not available other r r 350 r class r-class r320cdi r350 r350 4matic r350 r cla r500 r500 r cla r500 r class rwd 2500 144 s s 430 s 450 s 500 s 550 s 550 4mat s 560 s 63 amg s class s maybach s-class s-class coupe s350 s400 s430 s430 4matic s430v s500 s500 4mati s500 4matic s55 amg s550 s550 4mati s550 4matic s550 plug-in s550v s55amg s600 s63 amg s63 amg 4matic s63amg sl sl 400 sl 450 sl 500 sl 500r sl 55 amg sl 550 sl 63 amg sl class sl-class sl400 sl450 sl500 sl500 roadster sl500r sl55 amg sl550 sl550 roadster sl55amg sl600 sl63 amg sl65 amg slc slc 300 slc 43 slc-class slc300 slk slk 230 slk 230 ko slk 250 slk 280 slk 300 slk 320 slk 350 slk class slk-class slk230 slk250 slk280 slk280 roadster slk300 slk32 amg slk320 slk350 slk350 roadster slk55 amg slr mclaren sls amg sls-class sport sprinter sprinter 2 sprinter 2500 sprinter 3 sprinter 3500 sprinter 3500xd sprinter 4500 sprinter cargo sprinter cargo vans sprinter metr